Free Collection Ends for 2014!

2003_1027_110017AAWe are no longer collecting yellow jackets for free for 2014. If you need to hire us, please fill out a form at

Donate Your Yellow Jackets for Sting-Allergy Patients! 

Medical Labs need yellow jacket venom for sting allergy patients. If you have a large population of yellowjackets coming and going from a hole in the ground or a crack in your house, then you may qualify for free yellowjacket collection. This Service is only for Residents of Connecticut and surrounding areas. Please share this website with your friends and family on Facebook.

Please, fill out the contact form here on this site. If at all possible do not call the office, we are overwhelmed with calls and my poor wife Debbie cannot keep up with them. All the information we need is on the contact form. If you have an emergency and need to hire us or if you live in Southern Connecticut, please fill out a contact form at

What we will do for Free:

  • We will come to your house and draw off the yellow jackets, greatly reducing the population.  This will NOT immediately kill the nest. Be aware that the nest will have a few left but it will die soon. They do not return to the same nest next year.  If you have a big nest, we may come back and recollect in 7-10 days. Because we often can’t kill the nest for free, we will milk the nest unless it is in a dangerous place. Please read about “milking” your nest here.
  • If you want to donate your yellow jackets, please fill out a CONTACT FORM. Removing the yellow jacket population is completely free, however tips are always appreciated.

Spread the Word!

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Other Services:

  • While this is a free service, some people choose to hire us when:
    • You need us to come RIGHT AWAY because of an emergency
    • You want us to kill an in-ground nest. We often have to “milk the nest” and are happy to do this for free. Read about it here.
    • You want us to remove a nest from a wall void because it has started to break into the house
    • You want our expert help to manage or remove a nest located in the wall of your house
    • You sprayed or had an exterminator spray and it didn’t work and you need help
  • If you want or need to hire us, please go to The YellowJacket Expert llc home page for more information and fill out a contact form there. We can get rid of your yellow jacket nest without chemicals, poisons, or pesticides. We are Experts in removing stinging insects without contaminating your home with dangerous pesticides, so contact us today.

Sincerely, Norman Patterson, Jr. – The YellowJacket Expert